Professional Services for IBCLCs

Business Coaching, Case Study Review and Virtual Assistant Services

Business Coaching for IBCLCs

Are you an IBCLC looking to move into private practice from your hospital gig?  Maybe you are a newly minted IBCLC ready to start your private practice (congrats!)? Or maybe you have been at this for years and you’re still feeling overwhelmed!

Established IBCLCs in private practice: Does this sound familiar?

  • You spend hours charting and still don’t finish, long after your day is supposed to be done.
  • You keep changing your systems and forms because they just aren’t quite right no matter what you do.

  • You have trouble maintaining boundaries, with seemingly no set schedule for when you are available to answer calls, texts, or emails.

  • Your hourly rate is diminishing because you are doing so much administrative work.

  • You are constantly googling supplies, research studies, videos and can’t keep things straight.

  • Getting new intakes makes you excited, but also puts a smidge of dread in your heart because you are already so behind!


This is where I come in, working with you to create a sustainable, profitable private practice with boundaries.   

With over 10 years experience running a solo private practice, I average between 40-50 appointments per month working 4 days a week.  I don’t work weekends. I finish my charting, including care plans 99% of the time, during my sessions.  All of my resources, including suggestions for things to buy and videos to watch, are at my fingertips at all time.  Putting these systems in place is what will help your practice thrive!

For my neurodiverse colleagues, rest assured: I have ADHD and have focused my systems to work well for those who thrive on simple, straightforward organization. I understand the struggle first-hand and would love to be your life vest as you learn how to wade through all the minutiae. I get it. I’m here.

Using the GROW (Goals, obstacles, reality, way forward) method, we can work together to clearly outline what your goals are, how to get there, and also how to shift and reassess when things don’t work.  


Whether you are just dipping your toes in or are drowning in dyads, I can help you streamline your practice so that you can focus on helping new families, because that’s what it’s all about!

Virtual Assistant Services

Behind on charting?  Trying to set up your intakeq and drowning?  Going on vacation and worried about your portal messages going unanswered? I can help!  The best part about having a colleague help you with task management is that I LIVE private practice, day in and day out.  Skip the frustrating on-boarding experience of getting an assistant up to speed on what being in lactation work looks like. 


Examples include:

  • Writing and faxing physician reports (average typing speed 86 WPM with 98% accuracy; average reports per hour- 5 initial consult reports)
  • Reformatting notes taken during consults into SOAP or pre-determined formats, making them easy to read and reference
  • Setting up intake forms specific to your private practice
  • Rebranding, updating and reformatting existing handouts
  • Vacation or sick-time coverage of portal or email messages
  • Setting up intake forms, reports, and email templates
I offer bulk-hour virtual assistant services for short term projects only. Please note this service is for catch-up or temporary relief, and is not a contract for hourly long-term virtual assistant work.   Rates are based on the nature of the project, with a minimum $150 charge per project and a minimum hourly rate of $50. Discounts available for BIPOC, low income and 501c3 organizations.

Clinical Case Study Review

Having difficulty helping a specific dyad or running into the same issue over and over that just doesn’t seem resolvable?  

With a background in midwifery, extensive continuing education and over 2,500 families served, I am here to help you look at things from a different lens. 

Clinical Interests/specialties: 

Infant- Oral motor functioning and habilitation, airway disorders, oral restrictions and birth injury/cranial nerve dysfunction. 

Parental- hormonal disorders, hypoplasia, milk supply management, weaning.

If you are interested in case-study consult, please send me an email here to discuss.  Cost for clinical case study consult is $25 per case with one week of email follow up, payable via venmo or paypal.