The Vision for the Future Begins Now:
Lactation Clinic and Mentorship Program


We aim to increase access to clinical lactation care for our most underserved populations and to also increase the number of IBCLCs of color in Massachusetts.  Until recently, I was the only black IBCLC in private practice in the Commonwealth; over 10,000 square miles with one private practice provider. It has been lonely and being the only practitioner available for families that wanted an IBCLC that they could feel comfortable with has been both a joy and an immense weight to carry.  

There are burdens on the other side as well, for struggling new parents.  Masshealth is the only provider that flat out refuses to reimburse for clinical lactation care, leaving parents scrambling to figure out how to make things work.  By opening a clinic day for Mass health parents, we can give them access to respectful and thorough clinical care at no cost.  The new office will allow a physical space for mentorship and future planning. Our clinic days will provide a space for our mentorship program to thrive and the office will be a welcoming space for all!


We envision an environment where new parents across the Commonwealth will have a plethora of IBCLCs to choose from and that the choices will be from a  diverse and vibrant professional community. We also envision an environment where everyone has access to this important care regardless of ability to pay.


Do you have a legal background?  Fundraising experience? A love for breastfeeding and education around lactation? Have you started a non-profit before? Got cash laying around that’s just begging to be donated to a good cause?  Email me: 


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