In the spirit of providing the best care while also training the next generation of IBCLCs, our model will utilize the skills of all lactation professionals. All clinical matters will be handled by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) with peer and certified counselors assisting within their scope of practice. Basic lactation care including education and support groups will be routinely done by non-IBCLC counselors following a strict protocol to ensure that clinical cases or questions are moved over to IBCLC care. All activities will have IBCLC oversight. You can read more about our vision for the program here.


Lactation Consultants/Mentors (IBCLCs)

Kira is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who works primarily in private practice. Marrying her love of birth and breastfeeding, she focuses heavily on the impacts of birth on the early weeks of breastfeeding. She is on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance and is the Acting President of the Massachusetts Lactation Consultant Association.

She is passionately devoted to increasing the number of lactation professionals of color so that families can access skilled clinical care by practitioners who have similar cultural beliefs and life experiences. Lactation work is an intimate and personal field and counseling and personal connection are, in Kira’s opinion, as highly important as clinical skills.

She lives in Lynn with her 4 kids, her husband and an old lazy cat. She studies herbalism and believes food is medicine, including nature’s very first food.


Jenny Weaver, RN, IBCLC

In almost 30 years as an RN  and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Jenny has come to believe that breastfeeding is a vital resource for empowering mothers, families and communities. Jenny has her RN, BSN from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  She has provided clinical lactation support for families in a hospital setting and in outpatient settings. She is currently the IBCLC Facilitator for the Boston Medical Center Baby Cafe at Codman Square Health Center in Dorchester.

Jenny’s current work is focused on collaborating with community members to build breastfeeding support systems in the Boston area.  As a member of the Vital Village Network Boston Breastfeeding Coalition, Jenny volunteers at a number of other breastfeeding support groups in Dorchester and Mattapan. Her passion is working within the Boston Breastfeeding Coalition to increase access for families to culturally competent lactation professionals. Her training and experience in lactation and current leadership in the Breastfeeding Coalition help to direct the core breastfeeding support and educational goals of the coalition’s mission. She works tirelessly to build sustainable pathways for women of color to become lactation counselors and consultants. She views this as vital to increase equity in breastfeeding support and education for families of color. She is an allied supporter of the National Association of Professional and Peer Lactation Supporters of Color (NAPPLSC).


Peer Counselors (Apprentices)

Coming Soon!